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We are not your average health food grocer. Our singular focus is to provide a customer service experience like no other-friendly, supportive, educated, resourceful, and value driven. Each one of our customers will be treated as the unique person they are. We understand that everyone is biochemically different with individual nutritional needs, this is why we offer a customized shopping experience.


Our goal is to make sure your questions are answered honestly and accurately, and any products you purchase are appropriate for your specific health and nutrition goals. When you shop at the Oregon Natural Market you can expect a warm smile, friendly and helpful attitude, and a knowledgeable response to your health and nutrition related questions.


We have very high standards at the Oregon Natural Market. Our natural/organic grocery products are clean and free of harmful chemical additives and preservatives. Our body care products are free of harmful carcinogens, phthalates, parabens, heavy metals, etc., and our nutritional formulas are evidence-based and free of artificial additives, harmful excipients, and inferior raw materials. We are the health food professionals!

New at Oregon Natural Market


Vectomega is a unique omega-3 supplement that provides additional nutritional benefits that current fish oil products cannot supply.  One Vectomega capsule is the equivalent of one serving of fresh salmon or nine standard 500 mg fish oil capsules.  Here are 10 reasons Vectomega is superior to standard fish oil supplements:

  1.  Convenience – Just one capsule a day.
  2.  You get more – In addition to omega-3 fatty acids Vectomega provides phospholipids and peptides that support mood and brain health.
  3.  Fresh – The Atlantic Salmon used in Vectomega is cold processed right after the catch using only water and enzymes.
  4.  No fish burps – Vectomega is not an oil and is incredibly stable, so there is no fish burps.
  5. Naturally rich in DHA – There is a 2:1 ratio of DHA and EPA in Vectomega that is not chemically altered or spiked.
  6. Better absorption – In Vectomega, the omega-3’s are bound to phospholipids for better absorption.
  7. No Harsh Solvents – Unlike fish oil or krill oil, Vectomega doesn’t rely on solvents like hexane.
  8. Safe and pure – Vectomega is third-party certified for heavy metals and contaminants.
  9. Sustainable – The entire fish is used.
  10. A perfect match – Unlike omega-3 oils, Vectomega provides natural EPA and DHA in the perfect bioidentical form.

Siete Chips

These are an absolutely delicious spin on a traditional corn chip!  They are grain free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and paleo friendly.  They also contain no corn or rice, so they’re perfect for those who have multiple food allergies.

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