Feral Fungi


Feral Fungi, established in 2016 by Jason Scott, is a family-owned business specializing in high-quality, transparent mushroom supplements. Scott’s expertise in Medicinal Mushrooms and Hermetic Alchemy led to the creation of their unique mushroom spagyric tinctures, which gained popularity for their quality and local sourcing. The company, based in Estacada, OR, collaborates closely with local farmers and harvesters for the best US-grown organic fungi. Their extraction process, rooted in alchemical traditions, results in potent, holistic extracts aimed at harmonizing body, mind, and spirit, emphasizing purity, potency, and local sourcing.

From the inception of Feral Fungi our sourcing ethics have been rooted in providing the absolute best quality from spore to bottle. We proudly use 100% U.S. Grown or U.S. Harvested mushrooms (fruit bodies). We start with the actual mushroom – no myceliated grain – because the mushroom is what has been used for centuries through various modes of traditional systems of medicine. Our mushrooms are sourced locally because we believe in processing our mushrooms closer to harvest, having regular audits and quality assurance guaranteed by local facilities, and supporting the local economy by supporting farmers and passionate mycologists throughout the country. Each specimen is received whole so that we can positively identify them in-house, as well as to ensure there are no impurities. Every part of our process is more energy-intensive, but we stand by the integrity of our final product, which starts from the source.


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