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Are You Absorbing Your Nutritional Supplements?
Many of us have the best intentions when choosing to take a nutritional supplement for our healthcare needs; however, what assurances do you have that ...
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Dietary Supplements and Chemotherapy
Deciding to use chemotherapy is an incredibly complex decision and may be the only one available. I would never judge the choices made by people ...
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Vitamin K2 Is a Superstar for Cardiovascular Health
The incidence of cardiovascular disease in the United States is a sobering reminder that even though we deploy the most technologically sophisticated medical interventions and ...
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Organ Meats: Our Ancestral Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplement
It may surprise you that four of our planet’s seven most nutrient-dense foods are animal organ meats, with bovine liver taking first place. There are ...
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The Great Cholesterol Myth
The widespread belief that cholesterol is the culprit behind heart disease is one of the biggest health myths of the last 70+ years. For decades, ...
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Are Statin Medications the Best Choice for Preventing Heart Disease?
Within the conventional medical community, statins have been revered as a wonder drug for cardiovascular disease, with some physicians suggesting they should be added to ...
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