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Essential Support for the Human Immune System
The human immune system is a marvel of intelligent physiology.  With its complex, interconnected network of specialized leukocytes and proteins, it’s the “Marine strike force” ...
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Black Seed Oil-A Powerful Health Tonic
The incredible power of botanical medicines has been proven for thousands of years in traditional practices around the world. However, it often feels like we’re ...
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What’s the Story on Whey Protein?
The popularity of whey protein supplementation has exploded in the last several years.  Go online and you can read 245,000 different opinions from self-styled experts ...
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Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?
We all look forward to that wonderful trifecta of holidays where we reconnect with friends and family, party and make merry, honor religious traditions, and ...
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Men and Testosterone
Yes, gentlemen, you too can experience menopause, or should I say manopause.  The terms “male menopause,” “low-T,” or “andropause” are getting significantly more attention than ...
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The World’s Best Healing Salve
Over the years I’ve had many clients and customers share stories with me about how their great, great, great, great, great grandmother used a poultice ...
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