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Research Update: Increasing Testosterone Level

Testosterone levels in men have been dropping steadily over the last two decades.  In a 2007 study, testosterone decreased by about 22% when comparing 1985-1987 …

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The Importance of Nutritional Supplementation

There is no need to be tired all the time, get every cold that passes through the office, or suffer from chronic indigestion, sinus problems, …

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Dietary Sugar Intake is the Leading Cause of Metabolic Disease

Energy balance and metabolic function disorders are specialty areas within nutrition science where I have particular educational expertise.  As many of you may know, I’ve …

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“I just might get some sleep tonight” Tips, tools, and ideas to help you sleep.

You lay your head on the pillow feeling tired, but you just can’t fall asleep.  You try counting sheep, you try counting backward from 100, …

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Using the Correct Form of Melatonin to Achieve Maximum Health Benefits

So even though melatonin is commonly known as a sleep aid, it has many attributes that can help restore and preserve your health. There’s growing …

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Making Smart Food Choices for Weight Control, Health, and Longevity

It’s my firm belief that food exists specifically to energize, heal, repair, and uplift us! Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create …

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