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Healthy Aging with Polyphenols

As children, when our grandmothers told us to “eat your fruits and vegetables” they weren’t trying to torture us with our least favorite foods (well, …

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The Importance of Protein

Proteins are a series of amino acids that have a role in most body functions. There are complete proteins and incomplete proteins. Each protein has …

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Life Balance and Stress

Are you letting stress run your life? Are you willing to take a moment to look at the entirety of your life, see where you …

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Nutritional Support for Post-COVID Syndrome ‘Long Haulers’

According to current estimates from recent controlled studies, the risk of developing symptoms consistent with Post-COVID Syndrome is approximately 30% for those that have been …

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Why Is It So Hard To Lose Weight ?

I’m sure you’ve either read the statistics or watched the news reports: America is getting fatter. In a comparison of 22 industrialized countries, the U.S. …

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Some of My Favorite Nutritional Supplements

Everyone needs a top 10 list, right?  Well, after 30 years in the field of nutrition I should probably have an opinion about what dietary …

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