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Vegan Jerky! What! The taste and texture is absolute perfection.  Pair that with my favorite dink, Guayaki Yerba Mate Passion tea (which I call my happy juice) and you have created a magical snack combo.


” Omega-3 fatty acids are absolutely critical to human health! Omega-3 fats maintain the integrity of our cellular membranes, support all functions of cognition and brain health, and significantly reduce many risk factors of heart disease, dyslipidemia, and vascular dysfuction.  Our bodies do not bio-manufacture this oil, so it’s necessary to supplement our diet on a consistent basis, either by eating 4-5 servings of deep, cold water fish per week or taking a quality supplement. Most over-the-counter fish oils are not sourced correctly and/or are contaminated so make sure you purchase a high-quality oil supplement.”


The Mint + Grapefruit Room Spray from Paradox Candle Co. leaves any space smelling fresh and citrusy! 


“This is the most addicting nut mix you will ever try! It’s a super fresh, high-quality blend of organic nuts, great for entertaining or a quick savory snack.”

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