10 out of 10! Staff Recommended


“Wow! What can I say about this product! It contains one of my favorite adaptogenic herbs, holy basil, as well as Zembrin, a South African succulent plant that has been shown to impact mood, focus, and overall sense of well-being.  I love how I feel when I take this: uplifted, happy, and focused. Life is good!”


“In my opinion, the antioxidant Glutathione is probably the most important nutritional supplement that a person can take. In fact, it’s so important that our body makes its own supply to protect our cellular DNA and help us detoxify from the multitude of harmful chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis.”


My 10/10 recommended product for April is the Live Soda Rootbeer Kombucha. It’s super tasty like an old-fashioned rootbeer.  It’s low in sugar and packed with probiotics! It’s the ultimate gut-friendly refreshment.


This burrito is a delicious start to the day.  The green chilies have a great flavor without being too hot.”

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